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Cardboard designer art collections Australia
Cardboard, wax, Design, Artist, frame, mirror, furniture, mural, home decoration, Australia, France
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Exhibiting at Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert

Sally Dan Cuthbert is now permanently representing and exhibiting Noelle's cardboard artwork in their Sydney and Melbourne galleries. The official launch is on this Saturday August 24th at 6pm. You are welcome to attend and have a drink on us. Noelle Rigaudie will be present for the...

2011, Showcased in Sibella Court Books

Sibella Court (through¬†The Society Inc) is a well known Australian bestselling author of stylist's guides. In her 2011 guide Nomad and then in 2012 guide Bowerbird,¬†Noelle Rigaudie's cardboard designs (frame, mirror and chandelier) were displayed as part of the room arrangements.                 Sibella Court will...