Rigg Design Prize 2018 - Noelle rigaudie
Cardboard designer art collections Australia
Cardboard, wax, Design, Artist, frame, mirror, furniture, mural, home decoration, Australia, France
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Rigg Design Prize 2018

Rigg Design Prize 2018

Recognising excellence in Australian design, the Rigg Design Prize, hosted by NGV Australia in Melbourne, is the highest accolade for contemporary design in Australia. The triennial prize is awarded to an Australian design practice displaying outstanding creative achievements in contemporary design.

The shortlist for the Rigg Design Prize 2018 included ten Australian design studios working in the field of interior design and decoration. For the prize exhibition, each studio was invited to design a purpose-built interior that responds to the 2018 exhibition theme of Domestic Living. The NGV asked each design studio to produce an interior capable of communicating to audiences how designers create interiors as forms of communication embedded with values, ideas and stories that directly engage with the cultural, historical, material and technological aspects of society.

The Society Inc by Sibella Court was invited to participate as one of the ten Australian design studios working in the field of interior design and decoration.

So, welcome to Imaginarium by designer Sibella Court, a redefined room in the home with origins steeped in history and inspired by the ‘cabinet of curiosity’ – a sixteenth-century ‘wonder room’ that invites show and tell, speculation, storytelling and long discussion.

The room is inhabited by a family whose library of life’s souvenirs are displayed on a large feature wall, their very own cabinet of curiosity. The various spaces offer glimpses of the family’s lifestyle and activities: the steel-framed curved–glass wall of an alchemy workshop, a whimsical crow’s nest from a ship, a bar, a playful dress-up cupboard, a pot-belly stove, a custom dining table that doubles as a research station, and a transitional bed and lounge.

Its foundation materials are from the natural world, layered with texture and colours both ancient and modern. This space celebrates the craftsmen that created everything within it.

Noelle Rigaudie, as the cardboard artist, was one of the contributors to the Dining room, with her cardboard candelabra, large mirror and 3.70m long columns (more on Instagram).

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