Exhibiting at Anthropologie store in New York City - Noelle rigaudie
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Exhibiting at Anthropologie store in New York City

Exhibiting at Anthropologie store in New York City

A unique exhibition at Anthropologie shop in New York Rockefeller Center 

Anthropologie at 50 Rockefeller Plaza was getting into exciting aesthetic collaborations once again.  On April 4th, 2010 a whimisical installation went on view called “Into the Lighthouse”, put together by interior designer, author and stylist Sibella Court. Court brought her scenic vision to Anthropologie’s flagship store as she recreated an imagined lighthouse keeper’s quarters from the 1900s.  The backdrop to the display features creations by artists whom Court introduced to buyer-at-large Keith Johnson when they travelled to Australia together earlier this year. 

The installation came about through the long-time friendship of Sibella and Keith, and is the culmination of an adventure the pair had in Australia earlier this year. Sibella ushered Keith into the little-seen world of Australia’s artist and designer community, introducing him to many of the artists featured in the installation. Its name and theme were also derived from personal time spent together; the two had lunch at the Boathouse Restaurant at the base of Barrenjoey Lighthouse, which overlooks Palm Beach in Northern Sydney.

Thanks to Sibella Court, Noelle Rigaudie had the opportunity to present multiple items as part of the 2010 exhibition “Into the lighthouse”: cardboard mirrors & frames, a washed white cardboard side table, a charcoal cardboard stove, as well as an oversized cardboard chandelier.

The chandelier was central to the store, a unique and opulent piece with antique decorations.

It was praised by the press as well as photographed by mesmerised local customers.


“Noelle Rigaudie works in Sydney, though she is a native of France.  She is a sculptor and designer who brings objects that are familiar to and loved by her (such as French history) to life. Her belief is that nothing could be more magical or fascinating than turning simple pieces of cast-off cardboard into desirable treasures that bring together the noble and the mundane.” Dixit Camille Maurice.



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