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Cardboard artwork custom designer made in Australia
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What could be more magical and fascinating than transforming simple cardboard into a piece of art?

Cardboard Designer

From something common to noble

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Touch, transformation, embellishment



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The magnificent Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney once held a Christmas fair that I attended, and there I came across the magical world of Noelle. Her extraordinary cardboard creations are crafted into furniture & decorative pieces, artfully painted so that they appear to be fabric or metals, a trick on the eye to their materiality. While being functional sculptures they are each a work of art. I have never known anyone to make cardboard sing the way that Noelle does. Since my first purchase of an ornate oval mirror over a decade ago, I have loved using Noelle's creations across many of my hospitality spaces, events, my Rigg Design Prize installation and of course my own home.
Sibella Court - The Society Inc

There is no mistake of my decision to commission Noelle to make a piece for my entrance. In this commission, it is not just her hand and her heart that is on display in her work, but it is in the most humble of materials she chooses to express her talent in that the real magic lies.
Those entering my home are all in awe of her work and for me it’s a metaphor for how I want people to feel in my home: looked after, cared for and inspired.
Megan Morton - Stylist

We collected many old oil paintings for bar Topa (Merivale), a little tapas bar we opened in the Sydney CBD. Many of the paintings were framed in a way that was very underwhelming. We asked Noelle to make various cardboard frames to suit our collection. Her unique and beautiful way with cardboard is something so special, the effect is unique, rich and soulful, something we are constantly looking for to add into our venues.
Bettina Hemmes - Merivale.com