My Story - Noelle rigaudie
Cardboard designer art collections Australia
Cardboard, wax, Design, Artist, frame, mirror, furniture, mural, home decoration, Australia, France
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My Story

"From something quite common to noble"

Noelle was born in France, and throughout her life, always had a passion for Art. When Noelle moved to Australia 14 years ago, she began a career in interior design. Coming from a culture where French kings and their furniture were all-over the place, she started to work with cardboard, the very source of her inspiration. She began using a rough element of nature, transforming its function and sensibilities and ended up with a very refined and beautiful component. “Cardboard being resistant, yet light, flexible and easy to handle material allows for great manupilation of its function.” Noelle’s art making is governed by the following antiquities; gueridons, empire tables, vases, frames, chandeliers, and mirrors. Noelle cares about the history of objects, and what makes them true to form. This is a part of her culture. These objects came alive in Sydney, on the other side of her world. What could be more magical and fascinating than to turn simple cardboard into ‘the desired treasure’. Several historical periods of long and fascinating French history inspire her while always looking at them with intrigue, giving them her very own special touch. She is now evolving her practice to incorperate a modern style. Noelle’s work has been exhibited in Antropologies New York-Rockfeller center, Beresford hotel Sydney, Finders Keepers, Artisans of the Garden, Rigg design prize Melbourne and Art of Dinning. She has also been featured in publications such as Nomad by Sibella Court 201, Bowerbird Sibella Court 2012 and Grazia magazine.

I explore the resistance of a material which is quite common and has nothing noble to it. I bring it to life, give it an existence, an interest. The easiness & instantaneous aspect and sometimes harshness of the modern world takes us away from the very essence of the true nature of things. Touch, curiosity, transformation, embellishment allow us to raise our awareness deep within ourselves. 'Conversation with the material'.